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Next-Level Searching: Brave Search Debuts ‘Answer With AI’ Functionality


Brave is making a significant move in the search engine arena with its latest feature, “Answer With AI,” emphasizing privacy and innovation. In a landscape dominated by Google, privacy-centric alternatives like Brave are gaining traction, and “Answer With AI” is poised to make a splash.

What is “Answer With AI”?

This feature, integrated into Brave Search, utilizes artificial intelligence to provide users with summaries and direct answers to their queries. Building upon Brave’s existing AI Summarizer, “Answer With AI” aims to enhance the search experience by analyzing Brave’s vast index and generating concise responses at the top of search results.

Privacy First.

One of Brave’s key selling points is its commitment to user privacy. Unlike many competitors, Brave keeps the entire “Answer With AI” process internal, ensuring that user data and search queries never leave its servers. This privacy-centric approach is becoming increasingly important as concerns about data collection and surveillance by major tech companies grow.

How Does it Work?

Answer With AI” leverages cutting-edge technologies, including Large Language Models (LLMs) like Mixtral and Mistral, to understand queries and generate responses. Brave’s independent search index, meticulously curated from billions of websites, ensures that results are free from external influence. Techniques like Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) further enhance the generation of informative answers.

Brave Answer-With-AI
Image Credit: Brave

Benefits of “Answer With AI”

This feature offers several advantages:

Efficiency: Users can quickly access key information without sifting through multiple results. Comprehension: AI-powered summaries aid in understanding complex topics. Accuracy: Brave prioritizes reliable sources within its index, aiming to provide trustworthy answers. Privacy: User data remains confidential within Brave’s ecosystem.

Beyond Simple Answers

Answer With AI” extends beyond factual queries, offering to summarize reviews and provide contextual information from original sources.

Limitations and Future Implications

While promising, “Answer With AI” is still under development and may have limitations such as accuracy and bias. However, its introduction signals a potential shift towards privacy-focused search engines and more sophisticated AI-powered features in the future.


Brave’s “Answer With AI” represents a significant advancement in the search engine landscape. Its emphasis on privacy and user-friendliness provides a compelling alternative to existing solutions. As AI technology evolves, it will be fascinating to see how “Answer With AI” shapes the future of online search.

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