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Apple Alludes to “homeOS” in the Most Recent tvOS 17.4 Beta.

Apple Alludes to homeOS in the Most Recent tvOS 17.4 Beta.

Apple Alludes to “homeOS” in the Most Recent tvOS 17.4 Beta.


  • Code references to homeOS have been found in the first developer version of tvOS 17.4, suggesting that homeOS will be the next operating system for Apple’s smart home devices.
  • There are rumors that Apple is developing a new smart home display to take against the Echo Show, Google Nest, and Meta Portal head-to-head.
  • Together with iOS 17.4, tvOS 17.4 is anticipated to be released to the public in March.
Apple Alludes to "homeOS" in the Most Recent tvOS 17.4 Beta.
Image Source: iGuide

It is not uncommon for references to upcoming or undisclosed goods to be included in developer beta editions of Apple’s operating systems. Nevertheless, there are code allusions to homeOS in the initial tvOS 17.4 developer version, suggesting that Apple is secretly developing a new operating system. The new operating system would be intended for use in homes, as its name implies.

Along with iOS, watchOS, and tvOS, “homeOS” was referenced in two job postings that Apple published in June 2021. The moment these job advertising caught the attention of the media, they were promptly removed. With the exception of the most recent tvOS beta release, there have been no indications of homeOS since then.

When Apple first introduced the HomePod in 2018, it was operating on iOS 11. However, with the release of HomePod software 13.4, the company switched to the tvOS operating system. These code references were uncovered by MacRumors, who speculated that the business may be planning to expand its smart home presence outside of the HomePod.

Software from HomePod and tvOS may be combined to create the enigmatic homeOS. Apple is continuously developing a new smart home display that would directly compete with the Echo Show, Google Nest, and Meta Portal, according to renowned Apple reporter Mark Gurman.

Naturally, a device of the kind would need its own OS. Anticipated features of the smart home display include a camera for FaceTime calls and an iPad-like appearance. The monitor will probably be wall mounted and act as a primary hub for other smart home devices rather than being set on a table. The gadget might also be a part of the HomePod lineup and include speakers similar to the HomePods.

Apple appears to be working on a HomePod with a display, as seen by the addition of a SharePlay function for HomePod in the tvOS 17.4 beta.

Now, there have been many reports circulating that suggest Apple is working on a 7-inch HomePod that might launch as early as 2024. Thus, the term “homeOS” may allude to the iPad-like home hub or the HomePod with a display. But as of right now, nothing solid has been announced.

App sideloading is coming to the EU with iOS 17.4, which will also deliver tvOS 17.4 to the public in March. Currently, tvOS 17.4 is in the first developer beta stage. The time is almost exactly the same as Apple’s Spring event.

We already know that there will be new iPads out in late March. And now that a new operating system and an upcoming event have been mentioned, Apple’s homeOS intentions may soon be revealed.

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