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Apple claims there are still “many reasons” to purchase the Watch Series 9 without banned feature


Apple Watch Series 9
Image Source: Fortune

The Apple Watch had a rough start to the year when it was obliged to turn off the blood oxygen sensor in all of its Series 9 and Ultra 2 models due to a patent dispute with the medical technology company Masimo. That has got to hurt for a firm that has so much power and wealth.

However, CEO Tim Cook says it doesn’t mean you should stop purchasing Apple Watches. Cook stated in a recent interview with CNBC (via AppleInsider) that consumers shouldn’t hesitate to spend a lot of money on the brand’s smartwatches. During the conversation, the CEO of Apple stated, “There are many reasons to purchase the watch even without the blood oxygen sensor.”

To Cook’s credit, he’s not totally off. With its abundance of features that set it apart from competitors, the Apple Watch continues to be one of the greatest smartwatches available today and has been for years. It has a lot to offer even without the now-disabled monitor.
Even so, it still seems strange that the CEO of such a large corporation as Apple would feel the need to remind consumers of the benefits of purchasing one of its best-selling goods. We can understand why Apple could be under pressure given its ongoing patent issue with Masimo.

This was not all Cook had to say about the subject, either. Cook was clear when asked if Apple was aiming to reach a settlement with Masimo and license its patented technology. “We’re focused on appeal,” the CEO stated, ostensibly shutting out the prospect of a quick resolution to the case. This implies that the legal proceedings may continue for several months or even longer. Apple’s blood oxygen monitor might not be back in stock for a very long time if there is no end in sight.

That might make it less appealing to certain users. Cook is correct that there are plenty other fantastic reasons to get an Apple Watch, but your options have decreased if you were only interested in getting one for the blood oxygen sensor.

However, that does not imply that obtaining an Apple Watch with the monitor is not feasible at all. While Apple may no longer be able to sell watches with the capability, independent merchants such as Amazon and Best Buy are still allowed to trade the current inventory. Therefore, all you have to do to get this feature is head over there and grab one up.

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