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Apple Could bring Landscape face ID Camera in next gen iPad.

Apple iPad Pro 17.4

According to a code segment in iOS 17.4, the upcoming iPad Pro models could have a landscape FaceID feature. Here’s what you need to know.


Image Source : MacRoumer

Apple iPads have always featured the FaceID “TrueDepth” camera system in portrait orientation. However, recent evidence suggests that this design approach may be changing. The latest iOS 17.4 beta version includes code that indicates the development of a landscape FaceID system for upcoming iPad Pro models.

MacRumors discovered a code segment in the beta that reads: “During FaceID setup, the iPad needs to be in landscape with the camera at the top of the screen.” This suggests that Apple could position the TrueDepth camera system sideways, instead of at the top, for the upcoming iPad Pro models. This design approach is similar to that of the iPad 10th generation model.

Most iPad owners use their devices in a horizontal orientation for the majority of the time, whether they are consuming content or engaging with creative applications such as LumaFusion or ProCreate. Additionally, many iPad cases, including Apple’s own Smart Folio Keyboard, require users to place their iPads sideways if they want to use the keyboard or keep it upright.

This adjustment to the design would enable users to achieve a more visually appealing frame for FaceTime calls and other applications. The current positioning of the camera at the top of the device can result in an awkward-looking frame when the iPad is held in a horizontal orientation.

It is important to note that this information was revealed in code and may not be a full-fledged indicator of the change. More information should be revealed when Apple officially unveils the iPad Pro and iPad Air later this year.

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