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Apple released iOS 17.3.1 Updates: Discover what’s new & How to Download?

Apple released iOS 17.3.1 Updates: Discover what's new & How to Download?

Apple made iOS 17.3 available on Monday. After a mere 18 days, iOS 17.3.1 is the latest update. Although it is smaller and without aspirational goals, it has a purpose. Many were caught off guard, even though it was certain that it would show up within the next few days or weeks. The fact that it was released on a Thursday rather than Tuesday, Apple’s usual release date, suggests that Apple was eager to get it out.

Apple released iOS 17.3.1 updates
Image Source : Macworld


What iPhone Models Support iOS 17.3.1?
Numerous phones are capable of running this latest update. You must have one of the following: any version of the iPhone 11, 12, 13, 14, or 15; or an iPhone Xs, Xs Max, or XR from 2018. Second- and third-generation iPhone SE models are included in this as well.

How to Get?
Open the iPhone’s Settings app, select General, and then Software Update. Usually, the option to download the updated software immediately is available here. After selecting Download and Install, your iPhone will start operating immediately. With the update weighing less than 300MB on my iPhone 15 Pro Max, it installs quickly.

What Is Included With The Publication
Apple’s release notes for this version contain no reference whatsoever to security patches. That doesn’t imply they aren’t there; in fact, this update seems to be entirely focused on one aspect, but it isn’t the main focus here.

“This update provides bug fixes for your iPhone, such as: Text may unexpectedly duplicate or overlap while typing,” according to Apple.

That’s all there is to it. If that sounds a little too thin, keep in mind that you type on your iPhone frequently, therefore it’s crucial that the device does it correctly. Text that is repeated or overlapped is definitely not acceptable.
Therefore, even though this update serves a single purpose, it is nonetheless significant. Additionally, it has been fixed on the iPad running macOS Sonoma 14.3.1 and iPadOS 17.3.1. They’re all currently available for release.

Although Apple hasn’t stated them, the release may include other fixes and updates.

The upcoming major upgrade, iOS 17.4, is revolutionary for the iPhone. That isn’t anticipated until the first week of March, which is in three weeks. Will there be a follow-up update? It’s hard to say, but you can’t completely rule it out even though I don’t believe it’s plausible. More as it becomes available.


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