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Discover Exciting iOS 18 Design Revamp Influenced by VisionOS.

ios 18 update

Apple usually prefers to make incremental design changes to iOS, the operating system that powers iPhones. The Lock Screen customization in iOS 16 had the most recent significant redesign.

iOS 18 Update
Image Source: MacRoumer

Unverified rumors, however, indicate that iOS 18 may bring a more significant visual update, drawing inspiration from visionOS, the operating system that powers Apple’s Vision Pro headset.

A report from The Verifier claims that iOS 18 may include visionOS’s visual components. Despite having some similarities to iOS, visionOS has a unique look that includes rounded edges, shadows, and overlapping, floating windows to create the illusion of depth.

The revised Apple TV app in tvOS 17.2, which has a new floating sidebar style akin to visionOS app layouts, is cited by the article as early proof of this shift.

It’s important to keep in mind that The Verifier’s track record regarding forecast accuracy has been uneven, which makes this rumor more suspect.

Furthermore, Mark Gurman of Bloomberg earlier claimed that iOS 18 will have “ambitious changes,” however it’s unclear if these refer to UI upgrades or brand-new AI-powered features.

Apple has consistently maintained unique design languages for all of its operating systems in the past. For example, just because watchOS and macOS have rounded icons and deep shadows, iOS has never completely embraced those features.

Though there may be some truth to these claims, it’s more probable that tvOS will adopt a visionOS-inspired design change. The Apple TV’s larger screen format makes it ideal for visual layouts with more layers and depth—elements that are more typical of visionOS.

Apart from the discussion about design modifications, there are conjectures that Apple iOS 18 will introduce AI functionalities to iPhones. In this regard, Samsung and Google are already at the forefront, and other Android manufacturers are progressively catching up. Apple would undoubtedly prefer to stay ahead in this competition. We promise to keep you updated on any new iOS 18 developments.

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