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Google Map now more smarter with new AI features.

Google Map now more smarter with new AI features.
Google Map With AI feature
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With the introduction of generative AI, Google Maps will be able to analyze data and offer individualized quality-of-life features, such as restaurant recommendations, based on user input and a sizable database.

Google is integrating its generative AI capabilities into Google Maps, joining OpenAI and Meta as major participants in the field. Google has been introducing generative AI tools like Bard, Pixel features driven by Gemini Nano, and the Imagen 2 model for image generation relentlessly, even though OpenAI’s ChatGPT beat them to the first-mover advantage.

Enhancing Google Maps Experience

Google is now integrating generative AI into Google Maps with the goal of offering services that improve user quality of life. Maps uses generative AI to analyze maps and provide customised recommendations. This includes suggestions for restaurants and other insights gleaned from a sizable database with details on 250 million locations and contributions from 300 million users.

Practical Use Case

For instance, you might ask Maps to suggest “places with a vintage vibe in SF” if you’re looking for distinctive vintage boutiques in San Francisco. To deliver trustworthy recommendations, Google’s AI models will examine data on surrounding companies, images, ratings, and reviews from the Maps community. With picture carousels and reviews, the results will be arranged neatly into categories such as flea markets, vinyl stores, and clothes stores.

Initial Availability and Rollout Plan

This generative AI function was first only available in the US, but when Google receives input, it will eventually be made available everywhere. As of right now, it is available to a limited number of “Local Guides,” who are among the most engaged and committed users of Maps.

Users may anticipate a more intelligent and personalized exploring experience with Google Maps’ generative AI integration, which provides customized recommendations for different activities and preferences.


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