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Google Maps has resolved a glitch that had been directing drivers to take a wrong turn.

Google Map Glitch

Google Maps has resolved a glitch that had been directing drivers to take a wrong turn on steps in Edinburgh, leading to multiple car accidents.

Google Map Glitch
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The embarrassing shortcut prompted the drivers to venture down Greenside Lane in the centre of the Scottish capital. Unfortunately, it was recently pedestrianized and given a brand new set of steps.

However, two drivers following the out-of-date directions failed to notice the new installation and were left stranded – not to mention red-faced – on the pavement outside the city’s Theatre Royal Bar.

The first driver, in a white SUV, was caught making the embarrassing mistake in the act on December 19.

‘It happened last night at about 8.24pm,’ said one witness George, according to Edinburgh Live. ‘I thought he was just mounting the pavement until I heard the huge crunch when I was crossing London Road.’

The second vehicle, a white Toyota Prius, followed in its tire tracks a week later, becoming wedged at the top of the steps and blocking half the pavement.

Both cars had to be towed back up the steps and onto the road.

The drivers also had to cut directly across a designated cycle lane – not to mention the pavement – to reach the steps, prompting many residents to question why the council had not installed bollards.

Taking to social media, Douglas Stocks wrote: ‘Could do with some bollards in Greenside Place to stop idiot drivers mounting the curb and driving over the cycle lane and pavement.’

But speaking to Edinburgh Live, a Google spokesperson first said the team had been ‘alerted’ to the issue, and later sent an update confirming the issue had been fixed – hopefully.

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