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How to Turn Your Furry Friend into a Snapchat AI Avatar.


Hey all you pet lovers out there! Get ready for something super cute on Snapchat: now, you can make adorable cartoon versions of your pets using AI! This cool feature is only for Snapchat+ subscribers (from March 2024). It lets you turn your furry pals into cute cartoon characters that can hang out with you on the Snap Map.

Let’s dive into how to create these adorable digital twins for your pets!

From Photo to Cartoon: How It Works

Forget about the old, generic Bitmojis. With this update, Snapchat uses AI to make personalized pet avatars. Here’s how it works:

  1. Machine Learning Magic: Snapchat’s AI has learned a ton from looking at pet photos and their Bitmoji versions. When you give it a pic of your pet, the AI studies it, picks out important details, and makes a cartoon version that looks like your pet.
  2. More Than Just Breed: The AI doesn’t just stop at figuring out what type of animal your pet is. It looks at stuff like fur color, markings, facial expressions, and even how your pet stands or sits to make a truly unique cartoon version.

Why You’ll Love Pet Bitmojis

This feature isn’t just about cuteness. It’s got some cool perks for pet owners:

  1. Personalized Snap Map: Picture your Bitmoji walking around on the Snap Map with your pet avatar beside them. It’s a fun way to show off your furry friend and add some personality to your online world.
  2. Fun Storytelling: You can use your pet avatar in your Snaps! Make them do funny stuff with your Bitmoji to tell cool stories for your friends.
  3. Virtual Pal: If you’re away from your pet, having a digital version of them can be pretty comforting.
Image Credit: WWD

Creating Your Pet’s Avatar: Step by Step

Let’s get started on making your pet’s cuteness digital! Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Snapchat+ Subscription: You need to be a Snapchat+ subscriber for this feature. This gives you access to pet Bitmojis and other cool stuff.
  2. Update Your App: Make sure you’ve got the latest Snapchat app. Updates often come with new features and fixes.
  3. Open Snap Map: Swipe right from your main Snapchat screen to find the Snap Map. Your Bitmoji hangs out here.
  4. Tap Your Bitmoji: Find your Bitmoji on the Snap Map and tap on it. You’ll see a menu with different options.
  5. Pet Avatar Option: Look for something like “Dress Up Your Look” or similar. In there, you’ll find a new option for pet avatars.
  6. Snap Your Pet: The app will ask you to take a pic of your pet. Make sure it’s clear and shows off their unique features.
  7. Pick Your Avatar: The AI will make a bunch of cartoon options based on your pet’s pic. Take your time to pick the one that looks most like your pet.
  8. Show Off Your Avatar: Congrats! Your pet’s digital twin is ready to go! They’ll join your Bitmoji on the Snap Map, adding a personal touch. Share your creation with your friends and show off your pet’s digital double!

Some Important Things to Remember

Making your pet’s avatar is easy, but here are a few things to think about:

  1. Limited Options: Unlike regular Bitmojis, pet avatars don’t have a lot of choices for clothes or accessories. But maybe future updates will change that!
  2. Focus on Good Pics: For the best avatar, use a clear photo of your pet that shows off their special features. Avoid blurry pics or ones with too many filters.
  3. Got More Pets? Make More Avatars!: If you’ve got more than one pet, you can make an avatar for each of them (as long as you’re a Snapchat+ member).

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