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Make Your iPhone a Portable Gaming Controller.

Turn Iphone To Gaming Controller

Although mobile gaming has advanced significantly, serious players may still find the on-screen controls to be very lacking. Fortunately, there are several awesome controller choices available to turn your iPhone into a legitimate portable gaming device. Let’s examine a few of the best choices:

Backbone One (PlayStation Edition).

Image : Blackbone

With its elegant white and black design, the Backbone One gives the true PlayStation DualSense feel. With just a simple slide of your iPhone into the robust frame, you can now use it as a gaming grip similar to the Switch, complete with clickable thumbsticks and sensitive triggers.

Your whole library is up for grabs with the Backbone One because, despite its small size, it supports almost any game that has controller capabilities. Additionally, the Backbone app guarantees a seamless setup process so you can start playing games right away.

The controller isn’t officially sold in India, thus the price is a little bit higher. However, as of this writing, one vendor is offering the gadget on Amazon for Rs 8,999. However, the model is said to be among the greatest iPhone models available.

Razer Kishi V2 for iPhone.

Image: Amazon

With no lag or delay, the Razer Kishi V2 connects to your Lightning port straight for a smooth, low-latency connection. The ergonomic grips keep your hands comfortable during prolonged gaming sessions, and the telescoping bridge design guarantees a tight, secure fit.

However, this controller has a ton of functionality in addition to being comfortable. You can keep your iPhone charged with pass-through charging without having to stop playing games. It also includes Razer’s wonderful Nexus app, which allows you personalize your controls and displays over 1,000 compatible games.

Right now, Amazon is offering the controller for Rs 9,899 in price. As an alternative, you may also purchase the USB Type-C version if you own an iPhone 15 series device.

GameSir G8 Galileo.

Image Credit: Gamesir

Full-sized sticks and buttons on the GameSir G8 Galileo provide you accurate control that is unmatched by touchscreen thumbs. This controller, like the Razer, allows pass-through charging, so you can play hard without worrying about running out of juice.

The adaptability of the G8 Galileo is what truly sets it apart. The flexible bridge can be extended to fit a wide range of phone sizes, so it can work with both your dusty old Android phone from the Stone Age and the newest iPhone 15. Adaptable faceplates, programmable rear buttons, and real-time mapping and syncing complete an incredibly durable package. It is also one of the least expensive controllers in its class, coming in at Rs 7,999.

EvoFox Go Bluetooth Gamepad.

Image Credit : Amazon

Are you looking for a mobile gaming solution that’s not too expensive? At just Rs 2,199, the EvoFox Go gamepad has you covered. This controller, in contrast to the others on our list, has a true console controller design, which prevents you from just sliding your phone in. It has a clamp that fastens to your phone and the controller on opposite ends.

Aside from this, the controller offers all the features you could want, including sticks, game buttons, and even programmed macro capabilities to make combos easier.


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