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OnePlus 12R 256GB Refund: What You Need to Know

OnePlus 12 Storage Issue

Attention OnePlus 12R 256GB buyers! If you purchased this phone recently, you may be eligible for a full refund due to a storage issue discovered after launch. This article will explain what’s happening, your options, and how to claim your refund.

OnePlus 12 Storage Issue
Image Source : OnePlus

The Issue:

The advertised storage capacity of the 256GB variant isn’t fully accessible due to the phone using the UFS 3.1 file system instead of the faster and more efficient UFS 4.0. This translates to slightly slower storage performance, a difference noticeable for power users and multitasking.

OnePlus’ Response:

OnePlus acknowledged the issue and offered two solutions:

  1. Software Update: They released an update that optimizes the UFS 3.1 storage, aiming to minimize performance differences. However, it doesn’t completely resolve the issue.
  2. Refund Option: Recognizing the potential dissatisfaction, they’re offering full refunds to 256GB buyers until March 16th, 2024.

Who is Eligible?

Any customer who purchased a OnePlus 12R 256GB variant, regardless of purchase date, is eligible for a refund. This applies to online and offline purchases made through authorized retailers.

Claiming Your Refund:

The process for claiming your refund varies depending on where you purchased your phone:

  • OnePlus Official Store: Contact OnePlus customer support through their website, phone call, or live chat. Be prepared to provide your purchase details and phone information.
  • Authorized Retailers: Contact the specific retailer where you bought the phone. They may have their own specific procedures for initiating the refund.

Important Points to Remember:

  • The refund deadline is March 16th, 2024. Be sure to initiate your claim before this date.
  • You’ll need to return the phone in its original condition with all accessories and packaging.
  • Depending on the retailer, processing times for refunds may vary.
  • If you choose to keep the phone and accept the software update, you forfeit your eligibility for a refund.

Making an Informed Decision:

Ultimately, the decision to claim a refund rests with you. Consider the following factors:

  • Impact on Performance: Do you notice the storage performance difference in your daily usage?
  • Importance of Speed: Is faster storage crucial for your primary phone activities?
  • Software Update Effectiveness: Are you comfortable with the potential performance improvement after the update?
  • Alternative Options: Would you rather exchange for a different variant or another phone altogether?

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