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Pokemon Unite Bans: Master Draft Pick with These 10 Choices

Pokemon Unite Bans

Pokemon Unite’s draft pick mode adds a vital strategic element to ranked play. The ability to ban powerful Pokemon forces adaptability, opens up the meta and leads to more engaging and nuanced matches. If you’re looking to climb the ranked ladder, knowing which licenses to prioritize banning is key. Let’s dive into the top 10 contenders for a well-deserved ban!

Pokemon Unite
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1. Dodrio

Dodrio’s blistering speed, potent early game, and ability to single out opponents make it a menace in draft pick. A well-played Dodrio can snowball lanes frighteningly fast and dismantle squishy targets in seconds. Banning Dodrio prevents your opponents from securing its overwhelming early-game power.

2. Tsareena

Tsareena’s dominance lies in her potent mix of mobility, crowd control, and self-healing. She disrupts team fights with her kicks and can be difficult to lock down, making her slippery and frustrating to face. Deny your opponents the opportunity to draft this powerful All-Rounder by prioritizing a Tsareena ban.

3. Sableye

Sneaky and disruptive, Sableye excels at ambushing, disabling isolated opponents, and turning team fights chaotic. Its ability to become invisible, coupled with moves like Confuse Ray, make it frustrating to deal with. Preventing your opponent from picking this mischievous Pokemon can save your team plenty of headaches.

4. Dragapult

Dragapult’s versatility as both an Attacker and a Speedster is a nightmare in draft pick. Its high burst damage with moves like Phantom Force and Dragon Dance can quickly dismantle opponents. Plus, its mobility makes it hard to pin down. Consider banning Dragapult to restrict your opponent’s offensive capabilities.

5. Urshifu (Rapid Strike Style)

Urshifu, especially in its Rapid Strike Style, is a force to be reckoned with. Its rapid attacks, Surging Strikes, and Wicked Blow offer exceptional single-target takedown potential. Banning Urshifu prevents your opponent from locking in this hard-hitting and slippery fighter.

6. Scizor

Scizor’s potent mix of durability, utility, and damage make it a force on the battlefield. Bullet Punch gives Scizor surprising mobility, while Swords Dance can rapidly boost its offensive power. Consider banning Scizor to force opposing teams into less durable picks.

7. Mew

Mew’s adaptability and utility make it a constant threat in draft pick. With access to various movesets and roles, Mew can flexibly fill in gaps left by your opponents’ picks or bans. Removing its versatility from their options limits their strategic flexibility and gives your team an advantage.

8. Glaceon

Glaceon’s chilling long-range damage is a force to be reckoned with. With moves like Icy Wind and Ice Shard, it can easily control objectives and zone opponents out of fights. Banning Glaceon will limit your opponent’s ability to play from safe distances and force a more close-range style of play.

9. Tyranitar

This powerhouse Defender brings disruption and durability to the fray. Its potent crowd control and ability to create sandstorms make it a major asset in team fights and around objectives. Consider banning Tyranitar to deny your opponents a sturdy frontline fighter.

10. Venusaur

This classic starter remains a force in ranked mode thanks to its potent damage output and surprising durability. Venusaur’s Giga Drain, coupled with Solar Beam’s long-range burst, makes it a powerful team fighter and objective shredder. Banning Venusaur lessens your opponents’ long-range pressure.

Important Considerations.

It’s important to remember that bans should be tailored to your specific team situation and your opponent’s potential picks. Other strong ban candidates include Buzzwole, Clefable, and Absol, who all contribute significantly to their team’s success.

Furthermore, it’s helpful to coordinate bans with your teammates during the draft. Communication ensures you maximize your collective efforts to restrict your opponents’ options and create a team composition that aligns with your overall strategy.

The introduction of draft pick has added a new dimension to Pokemon Unite. By understanding which Pokemon are the most impactful, you can dramatically raise your chances of success in ranked. Stay flexible, coordinate with your team, and adapt your bans wisely to climb the ranks!

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