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Samsung Upcoming Foldable Phones to Introduce Advanced AI Capabilities.


According to a Samsung patent application, a new Galaxy AI feature could launch later this year along with the Galaxy Z Flip 6 and Z Fold 6. According to a KIPRIS application, this AI function would employ artificial intelligence to evaluate the user’s search queries and provide tailored summaries of papers and articles according to the user’s interests, political stance, and other factors.

Image Credit: CNBC

According to @Tech_Reve, Chosun, the patented method uses usage history data—such as political leaning, knowledge levels, and preferences—that Galaxy smartphones collect from users to generate summaries.
Through the Galaxy AI suite for One UI 6.1 and certain smartphones like the Galaxy S24 series, Samsung already provides AI-powered summary features. Samsung Notes papers and Samsung Internet webpages can be summarized using the current feature.

The Galaxy AI summary tool’s next step.

This new AI feature, which is detailed in Samsung’s patents at KIPRIS, will summarize content according to the user’s interests, in contrast to the current summary tool. Users could also give the AI detailed instructions on how to summarize stuff.
Users of Galaxy devices, for instance, have the option of asking the AI to provide a succinct, objective summary of an article or to provide a more detailed summary with a critical tone.

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