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Snapchat Unveils New Feature: Save Your DMs.


According to executives who spoke with Axios, Snapchat is testing a new feature called “Infinite Retention Mode” that lets users keep direct messages (DMs) between friends.

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Why this matters Disappearing chats were invented by Snapchat as a way to support personal interactions between close friends. Snapchat is now more akin to a pure-play messaging service like WhatsApp or iMessage thanks to the recent updates.

  • The trials are beginning in smaller markets with plans to expand to the United States in the future. Quick refresher: Historically, Snapchat has erased messages by default.
  • Messages can be removed either 24 hours or instantly after they are viewed, according to the preference of the user.
  • Entire conversations could not be saved, only specific messages.

Leading the news: Snapchat is planning to start testing a new setting that would let users store chats with pals for as long as they like, much like SMS texts. This test will start on March 14.

  • Individually, people will be able to select which discussions they wish to have saved.

The big picture: In order to make it simpler to recall where discussions left off, users expressed a desire for more control over deleted messages, which is why the adjustments were made.

  • One of the most common ways that young people stay in touch with their close pals is through Snapchat. Pew Research Center estimates that half of American teenagers use Snapchat every day. Over 40% of users claim to use the app several times a day.

Keep an eye out: Users may find it simpler to report problematic conversations or situations that take place on the app if they have saved messages.

  • Snapchat can keep track of conversation data in order to keep an eye out for any potentially dangerous content, even if conversations are set to disappear by default.

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