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The Noise ColorFit Pro 5: A Smartwatch that Gives You Great Value


In the busy world of smartwatches, finding one that has all the cool stuff, works well, and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg can be tough. That’s where the Noise ColorFit Pro 5 steps in. It promises to give you a bunch of cool features without emptying your wallet. But is it as good as it claims? Let’s take a closer look to see if it’s worth getting.

Looks and Durability: Stylish and Tough.


Image Credit: Noise

The ColorFit Pro 5 looks pretty sleek. It’s got a nice big 1.85-inch AMOLED display that shows colors well, even in bright sunlight. The strap it comes with is comfy and secure, but if you’re into switching things up, you can get different straps like nylon, metal, or leather.

The watch itself is light but feels sturdy, with a metal frame that can handle everyday bumps and knocks. Plus, it’s got an IP68 rating, so it can handle splashes, sweat, and even a dip in the pool without a problem.

Display and How It Works: Smooth and Easy.

The AMOLED display is one of the best bits about the ColorFit Pro 5. Everything looks clear and sharp, and the screen is super smooth thanks to a 60Hz refresh rate. It’s easy to move around and do stuff on the watch – no annoying delays or anything like that.

Swiping up from the main screen gets you to quick settings like brightness and music controls. Swiping down shows your notifications, and swiping left or right lets you check out different widgets, like weather or your heart rate. There’s even a nifty rotating crown that makes scrolling and navigating menus feel fancy.

Features: Loads of Stuff for Fitness and Daily Life.

The ColorFit Pro 5 comes with tons of features, which is great if you’re into fitness or just want a handy gadget for everyday life.

Health Stuff: It keeps tabs on your heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and stress levels, and it even tracks your sleep. While it might not be as accurate as medical devices, it’s a good way to keep an eye on your health.

Fitness Stuff: There are over 100 sports modes, so whether you’re running, cycling, swimming, or doing something else, the watch can track your activity and give you all sorts of info like how far you’ve gone or how many calories you’ve burned.

Smart Stuff: You can get notifications for calls, messages, and social media right on your wrist. Plus, you can control music on your phone without having to dig it out of your pocket.

The Noise app pairs with the watch and gives you a bunch of info about your health and fitness. You can set goals, see how you’re doing over time, and even challenge your friends to fitness competitions. Some versions of the ColorFit Pro 5 also have GPS and let you make calls via Bluetooth.

Image Credit: Noise

Battery Life: Lasts a Good While.

Noise says the ColorFit Pro 5 can go for up to a week on one charge. In real life, it’s more like 5-7 days, depending on what you’re using it for. Features like heart rate monitoring and GPS can drain the battery faster, but the magnetic charger it comes with makes it easy to top up when you need to.

Not Perfect, But Still Pretty Good.

While the ColorFit Pro 5 is a great value, there are a couple of things that could be better. The app can be a bit messy sometimes, and there could be more watch faces to choose from. Some folks have had trouble getting the watch to sync with the app, and the GPS isn’t always spot on.

Final Thoughts: A Solid Choice for Your Wrist.

Overall, the Noise ColorFit Pro 5 is a solid pick if you’re after a smartwatch that doesn’t cost a fortune but still has all the bells and whistles. With its cool design, great display, long battery life, and loads of features, it’s definitely worth considering – especially if you want something that’ll keep up with your active lifestyle without breaking the bank.


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