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The RedMagic Shadow Blade GamePad 2 gaming controller has been announced.

RedMagic announced Shadow Blade Gamepad 2, the company’s latest gaming controller for mobile gamers. It boasts a Type-C port, offers zero latency while gaming, and has an upgraded grip design with two custom back triggers.

Image Source: Redmagic

The Type-C port is adjustable and supports smartphone heights from 110-185mm, an increase of 3.3% over the previous generation, ensuring compatibility with all smartphones.

The upgraded grip design of the gamepad features two custom
back triggers that can be mapped with a combination of 20 key positions. Further, gamers can take advantage of the charging port available in the gamepad, offering an uninterrupted gaming experience.

The front of the gamepad has ALPS, left stick, cross buttons, screenshot key, REDMAGIC button, ALPS right stick, ABX key, and RT key. At the back of the device, there are hall linear triggers that have 256 layers of change, with a response interval of less than 0.1mm.

These triggers are flexible and easy to control, with a highly smooth response thanks to a self-developed IC algorithm, said the company. The gamepad also comes with replaceable left and right gamepad shells.

Pricing and Availability

The RedMagic Shadow Blade GamePad 2 comes only in black color and is now available on the company’s official website with availability and prices listed below:

  • US / Canada – USD 94.90 (Rs. 7,890 approx.)
  • UK – £79.90 (USD 101 / Rs. 8,430 approx.)
  • Europe –  €94.90 (USD 103 / Rs. 8,590 approx.)
  • Singapore – SGD 129.90 (USD 96 / Rs. 8,035 approx.)
  • Mexico – Mexican Peso 1,969 (USD 114 / Rs. 9,520 approx.)

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