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These are the top AI gadgets from CES 2024.

AI gadegts from CES 2024

These are the top AI gadgets from CES 2024.

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The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is well-known for showcasing the latest and greatest in technology. This year’s event was dominated by advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI), which were utilized to solve everyday problems and improve various devices. CES featured a number of fascinating announcements, including the development of AI-infused products that were distinguished based on their helpfulness, uniqueness, and real-world applications. We have put together a list of such products for your consideration.

  • Ballie with Projector: Samsung’s Ballie, the interactive companion, has returned with a new feature – a built-in projector. For those who are unfamiliar with the device, it is a smart home hub that can move around and take commands from you, while also syncing with other smart home devices. Apart from controlling your connected gadgets, Ballie can also provide you with a live stream of your home while you’re away. Additionally, it can project images onto walls, ceilings, or floors while autonomously following its users.
  • Rabbit R1 Positioned as the ‘iPhone of AI,’ the Rabbit R1 introduces a palm-sized device that seamlessly fits into your hand. Beyond its compact design, the R1 acts as a dedicated personal assistant, capable of answering questions, launching apps like Spotify, and even ordering a taxi. A cost-effective alternative to more extravagant AI solutions, the Rabbit R1 proves that innovation need not break the bank.
  • Minitailz Smart Dog Collar Invoxia’s Minitailz dog collar brings AI to the canine world, earning recognition as a CES 2024 Innovation Award Honoree. This fitness tracker for dogs utilizes GPS to detect their location, ensuring they never go astray. Providing health statistics like heart rate and breathing, the Minitailz Smart Dog Collar exemplifies how AI can enhance our understanding and care for our four-legged companions.
  • Motion Pillow: AI-Enhanced Sleep Technology The Motion Pillow is a sleep enthusiast’s dream, tackling snoring issues with a touch of AI sophistication. This innovative pillow employs an AI Motion System to detect snoring patterns. Once identified, the pillow gently inflates, lifting the user’s head and opening airways to reduce snoring. With an accompanying app tracking sleep data and airbag operation, the Motion Pillow transforms nightly rest into a scientifically guided experience.
  • BMind Smart Mirror: Reflecting Emotions with AI Barracuda’s BMind Smart Mirror, a CES 2024 Innovation Award winner, merges generative AI and natural language processing to create an emotion-aware home device. Determining the user’s mood through facial expressions, gestures, and tones, the smart mirror adapts to improve mood, offering affirmations, visuals, and even guided meditations. A convergence of AI and wellness, the BMind Smart Mirror is a noteworthy leap in smart home technology.
  • Timekettle X1 Interpreter HubTouted as the ‘world’s first multi-language simultaneous interpretation system,’ the X1 Interpreter Hub leverages AI to provide real-time translations for up to 40 languages. With live transcriptions displayed on the screen, this device promises to transform global communication in meetings and beyond.
  • Capella: AI-Powered Baby Cry Translator Cappella’s Capella app, utilizing AI and machine learning, deciphers an infant’s needs by translating their cries into useful information. Serving as a valuable aid for parents, Capella demonstrates the potential of AI in addressing real-world challenges.
  • Swarovski Optic AX Visio: AI-Enhanced Bird Watching The Swarovski Optic AX Visio, equipped with a 13MP camera and AI onboard, identifies over 9,000 species of birds when pointed at them. A novel integration of AI in binoculars, this device elevates the bird-watching experience.”
  • Matic Robotics Of the host of vacuum cleaners and cleaning bots that demoed at the event, Matic’s re-engineered robot vacuum and mop combo was a stand out. With five onboard cameras that use AI to map out the space within a home, the bot is able to navigate around and clean without getting stuck in corners or falling down the stairs. The vacuum has been designed to understand hand gestures and even voice commands. The company also promised data privacy pointing out that Matic is private and doesn’t upload information to the cloud but stores it in the device itself.
  • LG Smart Home AI Agent The two-legged robot on wheels is able to zoom around the house independently and can speak and interact with you. It can be integrated with all home appliances like the oven, laundry, TV or even your smart fridge. More like a virtual assistant that isn’t just virtual anymore, the robot can control all these devices – it can set an alarm and wake you up, check the weather and turn up or turn down the home temperature. It has a built-in camera, speaker and sensors to collect information from its surroundings. It also learns more as time passes and becomes more personalised.
  • Nimble Beauty The Nimble Beauty bot is an at-home nail salon that uses 2D and 3D scanning and advanced AI technology to understand the exact size, shape and curves of the user’s nails. Once scanned, the machine can paint your nails and then dry them, all within 25 minutes. While this is the “express” service, the user can also opt for a 55-minute manicure which does more coats of paint. All one has to do is insert their hand and press a button.
  • JennAir SlimTech Fridge Equipped with the world’s thinnest refrigerator insulation panels, the JennAir smart fridge is 50 percent more energy-efficient than most fridges. It uses a new SlimTech Insulation that has been developed by Whirlpool Corporation that’s has brought about a significant change for insulation after a long time. The tech could potentially be used in other appliances soon.

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